How To Increase And Maintain Muscles Mass

How To Increase And Maintain Muscles Mass

Building up the muscle mass and attaining a perfect muscular body is hard and maintaining it is also a tricky thing. Ways to accomplish that exist, but they require training as well as other important things that include proper diet and as some other stuff.

We won’t talk about building up of an athletic body which has the looks, and it can perform in various sports. Our topic will be the development of muscle mass, no matter whether it will be able to perform or not.

The best way to gain muscle mass

Maintain Muscle MassThe best way to increase the muscle mass is to balance the intake of various foods that provide your body with energy and training that has to contain all types of exercises that will boost the development of muscles in your body.

Don’t ever try to train before a warm up. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and it should contain stretching of the limbs as well as several repeats of basic movement patterns. This will prepare your body for a workout or the sport, and you won’t have sore muscles after it.

If you are into weightlifting and you use it to gain muscle mass then don’t take on the weights as soon as you arrive at the gym. You should first do a couple of weightlifting series without the actual weights, as this will prepare the muscles for the pressure they will go through.

The point isn’t to lift heavy weights for a couple of times but to lift less weight for a long time and through several series. This is the proper way to build up your muscles that will have some strength in them.

A proper diet is one of the pillars of a healthy and muscular body

If you are on a path to get a muscular body, then you will have to eat a lot of food. The food has to be healthy and contains a lot of beneficial ingredients that will give you more energy for exercise and training.

The best way to balance the food you intake is to have three meals that will contain a lot of calories as well as fiber. Calories are crucial for muscle growth, and you will have to consume several times more than you would normally have, especially if you also play some sport. Fiber isn’t as essential for muscle building as calories, but it plays a significant role in the ability of the person to perform with the muscles they get. Fiber is necessary for those who train for sports as it increases the performance of the individual.

Play sports and muscles will come naturally

Maintain Muscle Mass

You don’t have to play sports like soccer, basketball, or even swimming if you want to build up your muscles as you can hit a gym and reach the desired look. But that will not give you muscles that can perform at high level. If you are one of the people, who care about performance as much as looks then you should take on some sport and stick with it.

Building Muscles Through Sports

Building Muscles Through Sports

The healthiest and most natural way to build muscle mass is through sport. You can do that through any sport you want, but training for games/matches and the actual playing of that sport will focus on the development of a particular group of muscles that are required for that sport.

We already mentioned several games that build up your physique, and the conclusion was that swimming is the perfect sport as it develops the whole body rather than particular muscle groups.

Why is swimming so effective in building muscles?

Sports MusclesSwimming works in a similar way to weightlifting, but it creates an athletic body rather than just a body that looks good (we will discuss weightlifting on another occasion). A great thing about swimming is that there are various styles and you can find one that suits you. It also can become a hobby rather than sport for which you have to train every day.

Swimming is a resistance activity where you push through water which has a significant impact on the muscles, especially lats, abs, legs, triceps, shoulders, and traps. If you ever saw a professional swimmer or water polo player, then you understand what this activity can do for you. The activity itself builds muscles as well as muscle endurance which gives you the ability to use those muscles as they aren’t there just for show.

An individual that swims every day has to consume a lot of food to replace the calories they lose. Swimming is a demanding activity, and a person burns several times more calories (up to six times more) during the practice. The point is to consume a lot of carbohydrates because they are the source of energy which keeps you running. You will also have to absorb a lot of healthy fats because they will turn your body into a powerhouse (so no cheeseburgers and pizza as they contain bad fats that won’t do you any good).

A perfect athletic body requires a lot

Swimming, or any other sport, isn’t enough for you and your body to reach the desired results. It will help, but you have to invest more time into practice if you want to accomplish your goal. At that point you will have a choice, whether you want a good looking body or you want to increase the performance, you do in the sport.

Those that prefer looks over performance should focus more on individual exercises that push muscles to the limit. You can also add compound exercises to get the body you want.

Building Muscles Sports

People who want to increase the performance of their body should focus on multi-muscle exercises and just do them. This will improve all of your muscles, which is required to achieve significant results in any sport.


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