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Building muscles through sport aren’t same as trying to lose weight with exercise. The best way to build some muscles, as well as stamina, is to play games. Picking just any game is good, but it might not help you to develop muscles you want.

   You have to check what the requirements for the sport are and which muscles it will develop. The majority of the sports require overall body readiness, but all of them need the excellent condition of specific muscles to achieve major results. If you want to develop all of your muscles equally, then go for swimming as it’s a proven method of developing a whole body.

Sports Muscle Improvement

Football players must have a lot of strength and stamina, and the requirement for these two things are strong muscles. This isn’t limited to leg and thigh muscles only as a footballer has to develop other muscles as well to gain an all-around strength to tackle with other players.

If you want to develop your whole body, with a focus on butt and thighs as well as the upper body, then you should play basketball. This is a fast-paced game that requires a lot of skill, but you don’t need that for amateur games with your friends.

“There is nothing better than to relax in a shower after 90 minutes of playing soccer. You can feel your body being worked out to the maximum”

says Brendon

“I know that I will never be another Djokovic, but I love tennis, and it keeps me in shape, and I always feel beautiful after a few sets with my friends,”

says Jack

“I love volleyball. It doesn’t matter whether there are ten or four of us, we always get to play an hour or two and build our muscles to perfection”

says Donovan

“I was slow, and my muscles were poorly developed before I started playing basketball. Right now I have a lot of stamina, and my muscles are there”

explains Jerem

Choose Your Sport


One good thing about soccer is that almost every town in the world has a club and you can join it. You can either aim for professional club or join an amateur one.


Call a few friends and play basketball in a park or somewhere similar because there are basketball fields all over the USA.


Volleyball may be less known and less played in the USA, but it’s a perfect sport for people who aren’t too keen on sports that require physical contact.


Tennis is a game for people who prefer solo sports. It requires a lot of skill to play this game, and you will develop your whole body if you want to be a competitive player.

Novak Djokovic Tip – Reduce Injury Risk:

Novak Djokovic, one of the best tennis players in the world, talks a lot about the necessity to decrease the risk of injuries and we can learn a lot from that. He highlighted the need of using proper equipment for the sport and not some second-hand knockout. He also mentioned clothes and shoes that should be designed for the game specifically.

Novak also talked in length about preparation and technique as ways to prevent injuries. Proper warming up before playing and cooling down afterward are essential things that will reduce the risk of harm. Get a help from a trainer to improve the technique to avoid injuries due to the wrong way of playing.


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Building Muscles Through Sports

Building Muscles Through Sports

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